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Is CareAbout affiliated with My Aged Care?

No, CareAbout is not affiliated with My Aged Care. CareAbout is an independent service helping older Australians to navigate their way through the often-confusing landscape of Aged Care in Australia.

Stay at Home or move into an Aged Care Home – what’s the difference?

Most people in Australia would prefer to stay in their own home than move into an Aged Care Home. The government supports both situations and is increasingly shifting funding to care at home.

What help does the Government provide and how to access it?

We’re lucky that the government helps to fund the cost of aged care. Everyone over the age of 65 years is entitled to some help. And yes, everyone is expected to contribute to the cost of aged care.

My Aged Care – where you need to start to access government subsidies

If you choose to access government subsidies you need to start by calling My Aged Care. My Aged Care will walk you through the steps you need to take, starting with a face – to – face assessment of your loved one’s needs.

My Aged Care will also guide you through the fees you will need to contribute to the costs of care. You can then choose how you want to spend the government subsidies – this may mean support to stay at home or moving into an Aged Care Home.

There is a delay of up to 8 weeks to access government subsidies. If you need help earlier you can pay for care directly.

If you need help now, CareAbout can talk you through the fees and services of our different partners so you can compare aged care value and service offerings.

How do I pay for Aged Care

Aged Care is complex and expensive. There seems to be endless fees and hoops to jump through. But there is help. Call CareAbout and we’ll explain aged care fees in words you’ll understand. We can even match you with one of our care partners – and this is absolutely free!

How can I afford care?

The government helps subsidise the costs of aged care. And yes, you’re expected to contribute to these costs. Your contribution depends on your individual situation.

Many people seek professional help to work out the best way to pay for aged care. CareAbout can connect you with experts who can estimate your fees and even give you advice on how to structure your finances to make the most of government subsidies. Read about the costs of aged care in our article Aged Care Costs.

How much will the government pay?

Everyone over the age of 65 years in Australia is entitled to some help from the Commonwealth Government. However, everyone is expected to contribute to the cost of aged care.

For Care at Home there’s different levels of subsidies – up to 49k per year. But you will be expected to pay towards the cost of care.

We need help – where do we start?

Just call us. Everyone’s situation is different – (of course!). So everyone starts in a different place. So simply give us a call and we can work out where you’re starting from so you can start on the right path.

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