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Do I have to pay an exit fee when switching Home Care providers?

This depends on what was disclosed in the Home Care Agreement. An exit fee for switching Home Care providers is not mandatory, but it can only be deducted from your unspent home care funds if It is disclosed in the Home Care Agreement you enter into and agree to in advance.

What is an admin fee?

While Home Care providers charge a case management fee for the costs involved in creating your care plan, and conducting home visits for assessment and review purposes, there are additional costs involved in administering your care plan, managing your budget, and co-ordinating carers. These costs are covered by an admin fee your Home Care provider may charge you, and will vary from one provider to the next.

What is a daily fee?

Home Care providers are allowed to charge a basic daily fee, in addition to their other fees, while Aged Care Homes all charge a daily care fee. With Home Care the basic daily fee is added to your budget, effectively increasing what you are able to spend on care and support.

In Aged Care Homes the daily care fee covers day-to-day costs including meals, laundry, and cleaning services.


What is an income-tested fee?

An income-tested fee is a fee you might be asked to pay towards your Home Care. It is separate to the basic daily fee and is calculated based on your annual income not on your assets.

Your income is assessed during the process of applying for a Government Funded Home Care Package, but is reviewed quarterly for any changes. Annual and lifetime caps also apply to income-tested fees and you and your Home Care provider will be notified whenever you reach your annual or lifetime cap.

What is the average cost of Home Care?

All levels of Home Care Packages are made up of a subsidy from the Australian Government. You may need to contribute to the Package out of your own pocket.  However, the amount that you pay is influenced by several factors including whether or not your chosen Home Care provider charges you a basic daily fee, along with an income-tested fee you may have to pay based on your income (assessed at the start of each quarter).

More recently the Australian Government introduced annual and lifetime caps that apply to any income-tested fees you may have to pay. This is monitored by the Department of Human Services, and they will notify both you and your Home Care provider whenever you have reached your annual or lifetime cap.

What can I pay for with my Home Care Package?

You are given a great deal of flexibility in terms of what you can spend your Home Care Package funds on, as long as they relate to your care and wellbeing. When you and your Home Care provider draw up your care plan you will be able to decide what you want to spend your funds on.

The types of home care services to consider are:

  • personal care e.g. showering, toileting and assistance getting dressed
  • transport to shops, medical appointments and social activities
  • simple modifications to the home, including hand rails and ramps
  • nursing and physiotherapy
  • assistance taking medication
  • preparing and serving meals
  • household jobs such as cleaning, cleaning, laundry, paying bills, changing sheets, meal preparation and gardening
  • provision of mobility equipment such as walking frames
  • linking with local community groups and social activities
  • decluttering and packing services that can help you feel organised and safe in your home.

We all have the right to choose how we live. Changes to aged care in Australia have put you in control. Make sure you’re getting the right help and if you need support finding the right care provider for your needs or if you’ve got further questions, call CareAbout.

Are Home Care Packages available in NSW?

Home Care Packages are available in all Australian States and Territories, from New South Wales, the ACT, and Victoria, through to Western Australia, the Northern Territory, and Tasmania. While you have to use My Aged Care to be assessed for a Home Care Package, we at CareAbout will be able to assist you in locating the ideal Home Care service provider.

How many hours in a Level 2 Home Care Package?

There are a number of variables that affect the number of hours of care you could receive as part of your Home Care Package. The four different levels of Home Care Packages are each designed for a specific level of care, and each has a different maximum government contribution amount attached. The government contribution is paid directly to your chosen Home Care service provider, who may deduct administration and case management fees from it. In addition to this, you may also be asked to pay a basic daily fee and an income-tested fee. The final variable that will influence how many hours of care you can receive is the hourly rate charged by your chosen Home Care service provider

Home Care Package Level Type of Care Needed Maximum Yearly Government Contribution 1 Approximate Number of Hours of Home Care 2
Level 1 Basic Care up to $8,786. 2 hours per week
Level 2 Low-Level Care up to $15,458 3-4 hours per week
Level 3 Intermediate Care up to $33,638 7-9 hours per week
Level 4 High-Level Care up to $50,991 10-13 hours per week
1 Amounts indicated are the maximum contribution for 2019 for each level
2 These figures are only meant to give some indication of the number of hours of care you could receive per week. They do not represent guaranteed minimum or maximum hours.

CareAbout can help you locate – and more importantly – choose the Home Care services and packages that are right for you, your budget, and your precise needs.

What is a Home Care Package?

A Home Care Package is part of an Australian Government subsidised program designed to offer support to older persons who want to continue living independently in their own home, but may need assistance with some daily living activities.

To see if you qualify for a Home Care Package, you will need to be assessed by My Aged Care to establish the level of care you need.  The Home Care Package program offers four package levels, ranging from basic care through to a high-level of care needs, and My Aged Care work with you and qualified assessors in determining your needs.

If you are allocated a Home Care Package, you will need to select a Home Care service provider, and they will be responsible for administering the funds on your behalf.

Care at Home costs explained

Yes, it the costs can get a bit tricky. Different aged care providers charge different fees and then there’s the government fees. See our simple table Care At Home Costs Explained for a clear explanation.

What is an Income Tested Fee?

Centrelink works out the amount you need to pay as an Income Tested Fee. You can find an income assessment form here.

Or contact CareAbout and they can connect you with experts who will estimate all of your fees and even give you advice on how to structure your finances to make the most of government subsidies.

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