If you, like many elderly Australians, are trying to decide upon Aged Care options, understanding and navigating the Aged Care system can be a daunting process. Using the services of an Aged Care broker can help you to make sense of the process and feel confident in your decisions.

Staying at home

There are so many significant and life-changing decisions you need to make. If you’re planning to stay in your own home, are you eligible for support and, if so, what type of care will you need, how much will it cost and how do you choose a care provider?

A Home Care Package expert, like our CareAbout Advisers, can help you to understand any fees included in your Home Care, and to make the right decision when choosing a provider.

Moving into an Aged Care Home

If you’re planning to move into residential care, not only do you have to find a nursing home that caters to your specific needs, there are important decisions to be made about your finances and the family home.

If you’re having to make these important decisions during a time of illness or emotional distress, it’s important to have the support of someone who can explain the options available to you and how the system actually works. Similarly, families may have to make a decision very quickly and under pressure, if a loved one is unable to return home after a medical crisis.

What do Aged Care brokers do?

Fortunately, these days, you no longer have to make these decisions and manage the whole process on your own. Aged Care brokers, also known as Aged Care consultants, are independent organisations qualified to support and guide you and your family through the Aged Care system. They are able to cut through the bureaucratic jargon and ensure you’re fully aware of all the options available to you and how to access them. This means you’re better able to make an informed decision that is ideally the best one in your particular circumstances.

Aged Care brokers are independent of Aged Care providers so they are solely focussed on the individual needs and interests of their clients. Fees generally depend on each consultant group. Some charge clients a flat fee, depending on the service offered, whilst others charge an hourly rate.

They are qualified to assist people from all walks of life and can recommend the most appropriate care providers, based on a client’s specific health situation as well as social factors, such as dietary or cultural requirements, language, proximity to family and community.

An Aged Care broker may also take on the role of consumer advocate, liaising with a care provider and supporting you and your family through the transition into aged care.

Additional Aged Care broker services

 Some of the other services an Aged Care broker can provide include:

  • Organising urgent or planned respite care
  • Helping you complete the necessary paperwork and organising a formal aged care assessment
  • Helping you understand the cost and financial implications involved in entering into a home care or residential care agreement
  • Completing Centrelink and DVA paperwork to maximise pensions
  • Putting together a tailored care plan for you
  • Arranging and accompanying you and your family on nursing home tours
  • Negotiating on your behalf the fees and charges, including bonds, for residential aged care services

Many Aged Care brokers are also able to offer specialist financial advice about how to best manage your finances and assets, such as the family home, as you transition into Residential Aged Care.

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