What type of Home Care funding do you have?

It might sound like alphabet soup, but the CHSP and HCP are two Home Care programs funded by the government. CHSP stands for the Commonwealth Home Support Program and HCP is the Home Care Package Program.

Many older Australians who have been approved for Home Care aren’t sure which of these programs they’ve been giving funding for. Let’s run through the differences and cut through the jargon so you know exactly what you’ve got!

What is the CHSP?

The Commonwealth Home Support Program is an Australian government initiative designed to provide entry-level, basic support services to help seniors live independently in their own homes for as long as possible. 

What does the CHSP offer?

The CHSP covers things like:

  • Help with chores around the house – things like cleaning, laundry and gardening
  • Basic personal care like showering, grooming, and getting dressed
  • Meals and nutrition support, including meal delivery
  • Transport assistance to get you to medical appointments or social outings
  • Social activities and programs to keep you connected with your community

The CHSP gives you access to a range of simple services of which you’ll need to contribute towards the cost of. Depending on where you live, access to these services can sometimes be difficult as there are a lot of people trying to find CHSP providers. You don’t have a choice of provider, you’ll need to use the providers that your local council works with.

What is a Home Care Package?

Home Care Packages are a much more robust form of Home Care in comparison to CHSP – they offer a higher level of support and more comprehensive care services that are tailored to your specific needs and goals.

What does a Home Care Package offer?

Home Care Packages provide a range of services, including everything covered under CHSP, plus:

  • Personalised care plans tailored to your specific needs and goals
  • More complex medical and nursing care if you need it
  • Allied health services like physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and podiatry
  • Equipment and aids to help you live more comfortably and safely at home
  • Care coordination and case management to keep everything running smoothly

Home Care Packages are allocated based on your assessed care needs, so the amount and type of care you receive will be just right for you. And unlike CHSP, you get to choose your own provider. There are over 900 Home Care Package providers in Australia, so why not get some help choosing one! Call CareAbout on 13 13 00 for your free Home Care Package consultation.

There are waiting lists, but once you’ve got a Home Care Package, you have access to a whole world of support to help you live your best life at home.

But, how do you know if you have funding for a Home Care Package or for CHSP?

Tips for recognising whether you have CHSP or HCP

  1. If you have a letter from My Aged Care that begins with “…you have been assigned a Home Care Package”, you have a Home Care Package!
  2. If you have a letter from My Aged Care that has multiple referral codes printed in black ink, you have CHSP
  3. If your letter from My Aged Care has a single bold red code, you have a Home Care Package
  4. If you’re already receiving services such as cleaning and gardening, and you are required to contribute a small amount to each service, you have CHSP
  5. If you’re already receiving home care and have one provider who manages all of your different services and gives you a Care Plan, you probably have a Home Care Package

Whether you have funding for CHSP or a Home Care Package, the most important thing is finding the support that meets your needs and preferences. If you’re unsure about your eligibility for Home Care funding or need help navigating the Home Care system, don’t hesitate to reach out on 13 13 00.

Remember, you’re not alone on this journey – CareAbout offers you plenty of free resources and support to help you access the care and services you need to live your best life at home.