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Do I have to pay a Daily Care fee as well?

Back to fees. Did we mention aged care is complex? See our easy-to-understand table Care at Home Costs Explained.

And, in short yes and no. It depends on the care provider but they can charge around $10 per day regardless of your situation.

Can care providers really take 40% of my government subsidies in admin?

Yes and yes. Care providers can charge an administration fee of 40% and many do. Make sure you’ve done your research so you find a care provider that’s right for you and you’re getting value for money.

CareAbout has done the research for you – call us to compare the fees and values of our care providers.

My Aged Care – where you need to start to access government subsidies

If you choose to access government subsidies you need to start by calling My Aged Care. My Aged Care will walk you through the steps you need to take, starting with a face – to – face assessment of your loved one’s needs.

My Aged Care will also guide you through the fees you will need to contribute to the costs of care. You can then choose how you want to spend the government subsidies – this may mean support to stay at home or moving into an Aged Care Home.

There is a delay of up to 8 weeks to access government subsidies. If you need help earlier you can pay for care directly.

If you need help now, CareAbout can talk you through the fees and services of our different partners so you can compare aged care value and service offerings.

We need help – where do we start?

Just call us. Everyone’s situation is different – (of course!). So everyone starts in a different place. So simply give us a call and we can work out where you’re starting from so you can start on the right path.

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