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Aged Care Reforms In Australia: What You Need To Know

Aged Care Reforms In Australia What You Need To Know - CareAbout

Are you seeking insights into the impactful changes spurred by the Aged Care Royal Commission in Australia? Discover the key findings, the recommended reforms, and the actions taken to enhance the quality of Aged Care services in our country.

Unlocking The Aged Care Royal Commission Insights

The release of the final report, titled “Care, Dignity, and Respect,” from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, marked a pivotal moment for the industry. The findings stressed the urgent need for increased funding, improved care, and heightened respect to support the growing ageing population.

Government Commitment And Financial Boost

In response to the stark revelations, the Australian Government pledged a substantial $17.7 billion over the next five years to overhaul the Aged Care system. This commitment includes expanded access to Home Care Packages, fostering more support for individuals to age in the comfort of their homes, and an increase in nursing and personal support care time in Residential Aged Care Home.

Key Discoveries Of The Royal Commission

The inquiry uncovered instances of “substandard” care, safety breaches, assaults, excessive use of medication, and neglect. Home Care Package delays led to individuals becoming unwell or passing away without receiving the necessary care. The findings triggered unanimous disapproval, with stakeholders, including Prime Minister at the time, Scott Morrison, deeming such conditions unacceptable.

Recommendations And Path For Improvement

The Royal Commission’s final report outlined crucial recommendations to address the deficiencies and elevate the quality and safety of Aged Care services. These recommendations encompassed needs-based funding, enhanced standards and regulations, and new quality measures, including increased nursing hours in Residential Aged Care and rigorous audits.

Ongoing Reforms And Future Plans

Following the Royal Commission’s revelations, the Australian Government embarked on a multibillion-dollar initiative to enhance access, quality, and safety in Aged Care services. The objective is to transition from a fixed funding model to a flexible system ensuring individuals receive services precisely when needed.

An additional 80,000 My Aged Care Home Care Packages were promptly made available, accompanied by heightened audits, increased training, and enhanced regulations. Over the following three years, the goal is to have over 275,000 Home Care Packages available, a significant rise from the count a decade ago. Residential Aged Care providers also received increased funding, subject to stringent proof of allocation toward essentials like food and care.

Finding Quality Aged Care Services

Amid these reforms, finding high-quality Aged Care services remains a priority. Initiating the process by registering with My Aged Care and undergoing an ACAT Assessment will open the door to a range of services and support, whether they be in your own home or a Nursing Home near you.

Being approved for a Home Care Package gives you access to tailored care to help you live comfortably in your own home. From personal care to home modifications, these supports are designed to enhance your well-being and maintain your independence.

For those navigating the Aged Care landscape, the transformation is underway. Stay informed, access the support you need, and embrace the positive changes shaping the future of My Aged Care Services in Australia.

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