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Your Guide To Senior Concessions, Discounts And Home Care Subsidies

Explore savings for seniors in Australia with our guide on concession cards, offering discounts on healthcare, transport, and more to ease living costs.

As a senior living in Australia, you have access to a range of concessions and discounts. Now more than ever, making ends meet can be a bit of a struggle. The rising cost of living means that saving wherever you can is important!

Seniors concession cards can give you up to 50% off transport, food and drink, entertainment and healthcare. The culmination of these discounts can make a huge difference to your cost of living and your ability to continue to save into your retirement.

State/Territory Based Seniors Cards

What Is A Seniors Card?

Seniors cards are issued by each State or Territory and can provide a wide range of discounts on products and services. Seniors cards encourage older Australians to get out and about in their communities, making it easier and more affordable to participate in activities and events.

How Do I Apply For A Seniors Card?

Applying for a seniors card is simple. If you are eligible, you can complete an online form – it’s completely free and it takes less than 5 minutes! Make sure you have your Medicare card at hand.

Am I Eligible For A Seniors Card?

Seniors cards are available to Australian citizens or permanent residents who are 60 years or older. You are only eligible for a seniors card in the State or Territory that you primarily reside in. You do not need to meet the Age Pension requirements in order to apply for a seniors card.

What Discounts Can I Get With A Seniors Card?

A seniors card offers you a great range of discounts and savings across a variety of products and services. Each State or Territory may offer a slightly different selection or concession amount, but the main discounts you may be able to access are:

  • transport
  • food and drink discounts at participating venues
  • pharmaceuticals
  • health services such as physiotherapy, dental, optical, hearing services
  • haircuts and other beauty-related services
  • entertainment, such as going to the movies
  • events, attractions and activities
  • free access to all seniors festival events
  • utilities (gas, water, electricity) discounts.

Seniors Cards In Australia

Each State and Territory may have different discounts available with their seniors card, or different eligibility criteria. Learn more about the seniors card in your location by clicking one of the links below.

New South Wales Seniors Card

Victoria Seniors Card

Queensland Seniors Card

South Australia Seniors Card

Western Australia Seniors Card

Northern Territory Seniors Card

Australian Capital Territory Seniors Card

Tasmania Seniors Card

Federal Government Concession And Health Care Cards

As well as a seniors card, there are a number of other concessional cards you may be eligible for.

Commonwealth Seniors Health Card

The Commonwealth Seniors Health Card is a concession card that allows you to access cheaper healthcare. Unlike a seniors card, you must be of pension age to apply. Need to include different ages for pension see link below.


2) Along with other eligibility criteria, you must also meet certain income requirements and must not be receiving any other government payments. Check the full criteria for a Commonwealth seniors health card here.

Pensioner Concession Card

The pensioner concession card offers similar healthcare benefits to the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, yet is available to those 60 years and older who are already receiving certain payments from the government. Find out more about the pensioner concession card here.

Veteran Card

A Veteran card gives you access to concessional services at participating businesses (at each organisation’s discretion). If you have served in the Australia Defence Force, or are the dependent of someone who has (and have your own Gold DVA card), you are eligible for a Veteran card.

There are three different types of veteran card and each offer different benefits.

How Can The Government Support You As You Age?

Discounts and concessions are great but if you need a little more help as you age, the Australian Government provides more robust support as well. Receiving support services in the comfort of your own home is available through two government initiatives, the Commonwealth Home Support Program and the Home Care Package Program.

The Commonwealth Home Support Program

The Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) provides basic, entry-level home care services to help older Australians live independently in their own homes. These services are bulk funded by the government to approved providers. CHSP services include simple cleaning, gardening, nursing and social support.

Home Care Packages

Home Care Packages are personalised packages of support, with the aim of empowering older Australians to maintain their independence and quality of life while receiving tailored care that addresses their specific needs. Unlike CHSP, Home Care Packages are given to each individual to use how they wish, selecting the provider and services themselves. Home Care Package services may include domestic assistance, gardening and house maintenance, meals and shopping, social and recreation, transport, personal care, in-home respite care, home modifications, safety and security, health and wellbeing, equipment, devices and aids.

To learn more about Home Care Packages, or to apply, read our Ultimate Guide to Home Care Packages.

Speak To CareAbout About Home Care

Home Care is a fantastic option if you need some extra help and want to stay in your own home for as long as possible. At CareAbout, we help older Aussies learn about, apply for, and find great Home Care Package providers. Whether you’re just finding out about Home Care, or ready to choose a provider, we’re here to guide you at any stage of the journey, at no cost to you.

Speak with one of our friendly Care Advisers today on 1300 536 707 or by clicking below and save hours of time and stress!

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