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CareAbout Partners with Carers Victoria

Partnership CareAbout - Carers Victoria

We are proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Carers Victoria. It is always exciting to partner with an organisation that shares a similar purpose and set of values, and this is what we’ve found in Carers Victoria. Both organisations share a passionate commitment to help older Australians live their best lives and to offer support to those who are assisting them.

Many older Australians benefit from the help of unpaid carers – generally these are family members or close friends. Carers are often also working full time, looking after their own children and trying to juggle many competing tasks. The role of Carers Victoria is a vital one, and one that we are excited to assist. 1 in 2 Victorian carers is experiencing financial stress, 60% are facing social isolation and the level of carer wellbeing is 55% compared to 75% in the general, non-carer population. 50% of Victorian carers are experiencing high or very high psychological distress.

Carers Victoria advocates for carers across the State of Victoria, trying to ease the pressure and stress, offering support wherever they can.

Who is Carers Victoria?

Carers Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation that strives to give a voice to the many carers in Victoria. Carers Victoria offers advice, education and access to support people who are providing care to someone, the person they are caring for, and their families.

The partnership

At CareAbout, we speak to carers every day who are struggling with the juggling act of managing their caring duties along with work and other family or social commitments. Through our new partnership with Carers Victoria, we will be able to better assist these people, offering them a place to turn to for advice and help accessing further support.

Judith Abbott, CEO, Carers Victoria says, “The partnership between Carers Victoria and CareAbout is a testament to our commitment to supporting caregivers and their loved ones during challenging times.”

“By combining Carers Victoria’s extensive experience in providing care and support to carers with CareAbout’s expertise in aged care services, this collaboration creates a powerful platform for caregivers to find the best possible care options for their aging relatives.

CareAbout’s compassionate and knowledgeable team understands the unique needs of each family and recognises that no two caregiving journeys are the same. With this understanding, they offer personalised assistance, tailored to the specific requirements of the older person and their family.”

As Kylie Magrath, CEO, CareAbout explains “CareAbout and Carers Victoria share a commitment to helping older Australians access the quality care they deserve to live safely in their own homes for as long as possible. Our organisations acknowledge that caring is a shared responsibility of family, community and government and want to ensure carers are well supported by connecting them with the right information, advice, quality services and supports.”

“As Australia’s senior population continues to grow, the demand for aged care services is increasing, making it essential for caregivers and those who need care, to have access to reliable resources and guidance. Carers Victoria and CareAbout’s partnership provides a vital lifeline for carers and older Australian’s seeking support in this important stage of life.”

Only 65% of carers in Victoria are connected with Carers Victoria, so CareAbout wants to raise further awareness and and ensure more carers are getting the support they need. After all, it is the quality and support of our carers which makes a difference to the lives of so many.


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