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CareAbout’s Partnership with HESTA

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At CareAbout, we’re committed to supporting Australians in navigating the complexities of Aged Care with empathy and simplicity. We believe Quality Care is a Fundamental Human Right. We understand that each family has unique health, cultural and financial requirements. We spend the time to understand yours, then match you with the right-fit Care Provider.

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with HESTA, the superannuation fund dedicated to the health and community services sector.


Like CareAbout, HESTA is committed to serving Australians with dedication. Their focus lies in supporting their members to face the future with confidence, many of whom are women managing both caregiving and professional roles, a demographic that mirrors many of CareAbout’s customers. This shared commitment to empower and support Australian women forms the cornerstone of our collaboration.

How HESTA Supports Women

HESTA’s advocacy for gender equality and fair financial outcomes is noteworthy. They work tirelessly to address systemic issues that potentially compromise the financial security of their members, especially women who tend to experience lower wages and more unpaid work.

How CareAbout Can Assist HESTA Members

CareAbout’s primary goal is to assist older Australians and their loved ones to find the right-fit home care service providers to enable them to stay living independently at home. Through our partnership with HESTA, CareAbout aim to support HESTA members who are navigating Aged Care by providing comprehensive guidance to ensure their members receive the support they need and deserve.

CareAbout are here to help HESTA Members find a quality Care Provider that suits their needs and helps their loved ones maintain their independence living at home.

CareAbout speaks with hundreds of Australians every day and whether you’re looking for government or privately funded care options, CareAbout can guide you through the process with simple, clear language. CareAbout gains a deep understanding of your situation, your individual needs, budget and preferences and matches you with a handpicked quality Home Care provider. CareAbout can also provide you with a curated list of government accredited Nursing Homes to tour, at no cost to you.

Shaping the Future of Aged Care

Our partnership with HESTA is a step forward in realising our mission. By combining our strengths, we can better support Australians in navigating the Aged Care process and securing the right support for their unique needs and preferences. With empathy and simplicity, we’re making Aged Care more accessible to all Australians.

We look forward to continuing our work to make a real difference in the lives of those navigating the complexities of Aged Care, standing by our core belief that every Australian deserves empathy, clarity, and the best possible care solutions.

Find out more about HESTA and CareAbout’s collaboration here.


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